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Enter your desired monthly coffee quantity, your roast preference, and select your preferred delivery day. Delivery is always free.

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Taste coffee at its peak flavors. Experience distinct tastes of different regions, but most importantly discover what you like.

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Let us discover your taste preferences by rating the coffees you receive so we can personalize your next coffee box accordingly.

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Personalized Discovery.

We will deliver two specialty coffees that we think you will like, based on your taste preferences. Roasted in-house in Montreal.

Our Subscription Benefits


Personalized monthly selections

Discover only coffees that match your taste preferences with our data science-driven model. View your coffee profile evolve in your personalized dashboard.


Environmentally conscious

Feel supportive by drinking locally roasted coffee. Feel great when disposing your 100% biodegradable coffee bags. Feel proud by reusing your shipping box.


Always fresh roast

Smell the roast freshness of your arabica coffees and taste the coffees at their peak flavors. You will always find the roast date on your coffee bags.


Worth your money

Our in-house roasting and delivery ensures you pay the best price for specialty coffees. Save an additional dollar by reusing your shipping box.

Our delivery zone: Montreal Island, Brossard, Boucherville, Saint-Lambert, Laval and Longueuil

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Find your perfect match

Begin your journey by tasting single-origin coffees to identify the ones that inspire you. Build your personal dashboard and see your coffee profile evolve as you rate your coffees month-over-month. Your preferences allow our roasters to suggest personalized coffees - whether single-origin or blends - to start your day in the best possible way.

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Encouraging reuse, not just recycle

We believe in the collective effort that must be made to preserve the environment. All small actions count, which is why we will encourage you to reuse your shipping box. Each reuse also means $1 more in your pocket.

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What our members say

Surpassed my expectations

Excellent experience so far with the delivery, quality of beans, flavours and customer service. Being greeted at my door with a smile (I assume as they wore a mask) and the words "coffee delivery" was great...


Great coffee and customer service!

Great coffee and great customer service! Very affordable and worth every penny.


Love it so far - have some feedback

Love it so far, can't wait to see my taste profile and understand exactly what it is I like with every coffee...


Excellent service et bon café!

J'ai eu droit à un bon service, alors que les cafés ont été livrés à temps et dans une boîte visuellement attrayante. J'ai ensuite goûté aux cafés et mes attentes ont été comblées...

Guillaume B.

Bon produit et service rapide

La portion de ma boîte Roasted Bean Box est parfaite pour ma consommation quotidienne de café, et le service est rapide.



What's included in my subscription?

Your subscription includes a personalized coffee box containing two bags of freshly roasted arabica coffee, delivered to your home every month. The coffee bags are either 170g each or 340g each, depending on the quantity you selected when you first signed up.

Is there a minimum subscription length?

There is no minimum subscription length and there is no option for a long-term commitment. You can cancel your subscription at any time before your 5-day cutoff period.

How are the coffees selected in my monthly coffee box?

The coffee selections in your monthly coffee box are based on your roast and taste preferences. Every month, we ask you to rate the coffees you receive. Based on your ratings, we learn your taste preferences and try to predict the coffees in your next coffee box that we think you will love.

When does my order ship?

We ship all orders on the same day they are scheduled to be delivered. When you first sign up, you’re given the option to choose between Wednesday and Friday as your delivery day. Provided the first order is made before 8am of your preferred delivery day, your coffee box will be delivered on the same day.

Feel free to contact us at if you need to arrange for a different shipping date (Wednesday or Friday).

How do I give the Roasted Bean Box subscription as a gift?

You are able to gift our monthly coffee box subscription by heading to our Gift Page. From there you can select the quantity of the coffee you would like to gift and the duration of your gift subscription. You will then enter the name and email of the recipient, along with a gift message. You can also schedule the gift email for a specific date.

When your recipient receives your e-gift in their email, they will be able to redeem the gift, set up their own account and customize their monthly coffee subscription as per their preferences. The recipient also receives your gift note in their first coffee box.

Until when can my recipient redeem his or her gift?

Your gift never expires, which means your recipient can use it anytime.

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