Roasted Bean Box celebrates its first Earth Day by committing 1% of sales to protect the planet

Earth Day 2021 and Roasted Bean Box proudly supports David Suzuki Foundation

On its first Earth Day as a Company, Roasted Bean Box is excited to announce its fundraising support to the David Suzuki Foundation to further strengthen the startup’s commitment towards environmental initiatives. As per the support partnership, one percent (1%) of Roasted Bean Box’s annual revenues will go towards funding the science-based, environmental projects of the David Suzuki Foundation. The commitment is currently settled for a 5-year term, and is likely to carry on indefinitely. 


This support partnership makes perfect sense for Roasted Bean Box: the David Suzuki Foundation’s vision to create a sustainable Canada aligns with Roasted Bean Box’s green vision. Enough care needs to be given to our nature to maintain a loving people-environment relationship. The Foundation is a credible and reliable source of evidence-based environmental information, and is considered Canada’s leading organization to resolve critical environmental issues. Roasted Bean Box is excited and proud of this support partnership going forward! 


About David Suzuki Foundation
Founded in 1990, the David Suzuki Foundation is a Canadian non-profit environmental organization whose mission is to protect the people and places we love. Through evidence-based research, education and policy analysis, the David Suzuki Foundation works to conserve and protect the natural environment. Get inspired by their works in the areas of climate solutions, thriving nature, and sustainable communities.


Roasted Bean Box’s Green Vision
Roasted Bean Box shows its commitment to the environment through its local sales model, green packaging and reusable option for its shipping box. Direct sales are limited to the city where the coffees are roasted, subscription customers receive their coffees in compostable bags, and subscribers who reuse their shipping box are rewarded with $1 for each reuse.


These initiatives, no matter how small, will have a significant effect on tackling environmental challenges. #TakeCareofthePlanet

  Roasted Bean Box proudly supports the David Suzuki Foundation