In A Nutshell

Our mission is to offer you a highly personalized home-coffee drinking experience in the most sustainable manner.

How it all began

Roasted Bean Box was founded by Catherine and Rahul, two coffee lovers who noticed that coffee preferences being subjective, there was no effective way for people to discover coffees that are truly personalized to their taste preferences. The caveat is that many consumers, including themselves, were unaware of their coffee profile. So they set off on a mission to offer personalized coffee discovery by leveraging proprietary model and data on consumers' taste preferences.

Your taste preferences are unique, so should be your coffee.
We're here to help!

The Process

Our operating model is straightforward: we pre-assign coffees based on your coffee profile, roast specialty arabica coffees in-house, and deliver the freshly roasted coffees directly to you.

From sourcing ethically-grown coffee beans to developing great-tasting roast profiles, our team of coffee enthusiasts puts its passion and focus on every detail of the process. So, when our coffee is brewed, your palate gets the satisfaction and pleasure in every sip.