In a Nutshell

Roasted Bean Box is your local artisanal coffee roaster that brings the delightful and heartwarming coffee drinking experience directly to your home each month.

Founding Moment

The idea was born out of Catherine and Raul's pleasure in tasting a truly good coffee in the morning at home. Wanting to offer the experience of the distinct tastes of newly harvested and freshly roasted beans, they launched Roasted Bean Box so that you can prepare coffee at home that tastes as good as the one from your favorite coffee shop, for a fraction of the price.

Life is too short to drink bad coffee.
We're here to help. 

The Process

Every month, we source from different regions of the world the finest, newly-harvested arabica green coffee beans. The green coffee beans are freshly roasted in Montreal, sorted according to your taste preferences, and delivered directly to you.

From sourcing ethically-grown coffee beans to developing great-tasting roast profiles, our team of coffee enthusiasts puts its passion and focus on every detail of the process. So, when our coffee is brewed, your palate gets the satisfaction and pleasure in every sip.