Our Green Vision

Mitigating climate change by reducing our carbon footprint is a necessary response, now more than ever as our planet is warming rapidly. Learn what we are doing and how you can encourage us in reversing global warming.


Just local, eco delivery

Air pollution from road-based transportation greatly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, causing a variety of environmental impacts on a global scale. To reduce our carbon footprint, we limit our delivery to the metropolitan area of the city where we roast our coffee - currently Greater Montreal Area. The delivery is also carried out using 100% electric vehicle delivery.

To provide you with a fast and efficient service, our delivery team will provide you with a 3-hour delivery window, one day before your scheduled delivery day. For our subscription members, the delivery date is always fixed - every 4 weeks from the date of first delivery.


Reuse shipping box and earn $1

Recycling is great, reusing even better! That's why we encourage our members to reuse their shipping box, over and over again. To further encourage our members to reuse their box, we offer $1 credit for each return. If well taken care of, the RBB shipping box can be used at least 10 times, or even longer.

How to reuse the shipping box:
Simply return your previous RBB shipping box during your upcoming delivery. $1 credit will be applied towards your next delivery. If you are gift recipient, we provide you with a gift card at the end of your gift duration, with the accumulated value for each return.


Compostable coffee bags

Our subscription customers receive their coffees in 100% biodegradable bags (including the valve), so we can dispose the bags in a sustainable manner. Our omni-degradable coffee bags do not depend on water, heat, sunlight or oxygen to degrade, leaving you without any worry. Since we mention the roast date on our bags, you also don't have to worry about losing the freshness of your coffees.

How to compost the bags:
Remove tin tie and tear-off sticker before composting the bag. We know it's a hassle but we are working on finding a way around it soon.

For Roasted Bean Box, addressing climate change is not an option - it's part of our business model. It's important for us to satisfy our customers' needs in the most environmentally friendly manner.

Rahul Choudhary, CEO