Bolivia - Medium Roast

Bolivia - Medium Roast

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Caranavi (Carrasco La Reserva), 1200 - 1700 m above sea level

Caturra, Mondo Nova, Tipica


Tasting Notes:
Tangerine, apricot, red grape

Although Bolivia produces a tiny amount of coffee compared to other countries in South America, Bolivian coffee's unique flavor has some of the highest potential in the world. This organic specialty coffee is sourced from a regional Coop (CORACA CRA), a Fair Trade Coop made up of 60 small-holding farmer families.

For the medium roast drinkers who like to enjoy the flavors, the tangerine and stone fruit undertones of this seasonal coffee blossom into a winey acidity and creamy and syrupy body, yet with a nice balance and complexity.