Colombia, Huila - Dark Roast

Colombia, Huila - Dark Roast

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Huila, 1400 - 2000 m above sea level

Caturra, Castillo, Colombia Hybrid


Tasting Notes:
Dark chocolate, cardamom, citrus

This specialty organic coffee comes from the Central Huila Coffee Grower Cooperative (COOCENTRAL) that has approximately 4,000 associates in 7 center municipalities in Huila. The COOP’s mission is to be a local, national and international COOP model organization committed to farmer associates and the local community as well as the environment. They have learned to do business in a way that is profitable as well as sustainable and socially responsible and that's why we are proud to be one of their many customers.

This is a very complex coffee that develops as it cools, easy to drink and full of flavours. Overall, it is a well-balanced coffee with a low acidity and a silky body.