Ethiopia, Sidamo - Medium Roast

Ethiopia, Sidamo - Medium Roast

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Sidamo, 2100 - 2250 m above sea level

Dega, Wulicho


Tasting Notes:
Black currant, strawberry, orange zest

The Sidamo Natural are a specialty coffee sourced from 1,100 small producers within the Oromia regional state. Small plots producing 300 to 700 kg of cherry each year are planted with native shade trees of Birbira, Grevillea and Kobo. Many of these plots are intercropped with cereals, beans and banana plants. It is very traditional, centuries old, low input farming with insignificant to no agro-chemical and fertilizer. Only the fully developed red cherry is collected and delivered to sorting stations, where it is sun dried on African beds.

The savory black currant, mixed berries and little floral taste notes will delight the palate of the coffee lovers who enjoy a winey acidity and a well-balanced cup of coffee. This organic coffee is roasted light-medium to retain all of its delicate flavors and aromas of the beans.