Indonesia, Java - Medium Roast

Indonesia, Java - Medium Roast

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Java, 1200 - 1800 m above sea level

Typica, Bourbon, S795


Tasting Notes:
Cranberry, kiwi, nectarine

Coffee plantation in Java was introduced by the Dutch when in 1696, the mayor of Amsterdam ordered to bring coffee seeds from the Malabar coast in India and grow them in Java. Botanists in Amsterdam concluded that these seeds were high quality and were planted in the gardens of elite nobility. Large-scale plantations didn't begin until 1707. In the 19th Century Java was so popular in Europe that coffee became known as “a cup of Java,” the best coffee in the world at the time. Java Preanger is still known as one of the most iconic coffee beans.

The Java region of Indonesia produces coffee with a fairly bright acidity when compared to other Indonesian coffees. This coffee is full of fruity undertones, and with a sweet and smokey twist towards the end.