Mexico - Dark Roast

Mexico - Dark Roast

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Chiapas, 1100 - 1800 m above sea level

Tipica, Bourbon, Marchellza, Oro Azteca, Costa Rica Hybrid


Tasting Notes:
Vanilla, Cardamom, Roasted almond

This organic Mexican arabica coffee is sourced from COOP called Café Alma de Chiapas, which is an umbrella cooperative that provide Fair Trade and Organic certifications to a groups of farmers. Alma de Chiapas has 109 women and 490 men, for a total of 599 farmers, who cultivate 1654 hectares of land.

Coffee from Chiapas region is distinguished for its medium acidity and body, exhibiting flavors like caramel, dried fruits, and cocoa. The fruity, gentle sweetness and nutty combination brings a smooth finish to the palate, and the balance between the aromas are just perfect.