Tanzania - Medium Roast

Tanzania - Medium Roast

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Arusha, 1600 m above sea level



Tasting Notes:
Black currant, cardamom and cola

We have here a Tanzanian Peaberry (grade) coffee from Nitin Coffee Estate. This coffee was harvested from newer planting blocks that were planted just five years ago. Nitin Estate is owned by the Suhdir family, and is located in Ngorongoro Area, about 120 miles from Arusha town; this is the town to start trekking for Mount Kilimanjaro. Nitin Estate's coffee farm borders a game reserve, and the mighty African elephants are a frequent guest - pretty awesome!

Our medium roast of this Tanzanian Peaberry coffee exhibits a vibrant and bright acidity. Medium roast coffee lovers are in for a delight with its exotically aromatic, full bodied and complex taste notes (no bitterness). Our dark roast tames out the acidity, simplifying its complexity, and bringing out its berry-like flavor.